We are a professional company dedicated to fresh meat distribution, specialized in white pork and Iberian pork meat. Our headquarter is in Sant Andreu de la Barca, acting as link between the regions of Barcelonès, Baix Llobregat, Anoia i Vallès. This mades of our localisation an strategic point, due to the fact that it is where the main areas of fabrication and distribution of pork meat and its derivates conflude.

Be sure that we also afford to attend weakly distinct areas of consume, being able to supply all Catalan and many Spanish regions, making arrive our products until European customers.

We are specialized in the labour of quartering white pork that haves its origin in best explotations in our country, including Lleida and Osona and reaching out until Andalucia and Salamanca, from where we obtain our truly Iberian Pork.

It is for this distinguishing conditions that we have achieved a relevant place in meat market, providing our customers with best cuts and pieces and making them able to develop their diary sale. Our priority is trying to not disappoint in everyday service, and we reach this objective by following strictly the Quality Control and tradability regulation. With all of this mechanisms we made sure that we accomplish our first guideline, to add to pork products the additional value that our customers deserve.